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Dallas is the third-largest city in the state of Texas and the ninth-largest in the United States. When it comes to fun, Dallas is the main attraction. Visitors to Dallas are met with a hearty helping of Texas hospitality and plenty of activities from which to choose. The Arts are alive in Dallas. The Dallas Arts District, located on the north side of downtown, is the largest urban district in the United States. Dallas has many shopping centers, restaurants, and downtown districts within its city limits.

Dallas holds endless options for visitors. It's no coincidence that Dallas is the number one visitor destination in Texas. In addition to traditional Texas fare, Dallas is also home to some impressive ethnic cuisine. Dallas is renowned for barbeque, authentic Mexican and Tex-Mex cuisine. The city is also home to many specialized museums such as the Dallas Holocaust Museum and the Dallas Children's Museum. Dallas events will fill your vacation calendar with the kind of excitement and entertainment you’ve been longing for.

Dallas has a humid subtropical climate. The average annual snowfall in Dallas is 2.5 inches. The weather tends to be generally warm throughout the year and ranges from 33 degrees Fahrenheit to 67 degrees Fahrenheit during the winter. Summer temperatures range from 70 degrees Fahrenheit to 97 degrees Fahrenheit. Throughout the year, rainfall occurs more frequently during the night. Thunderstorms occur throughout the year, but are most frequent in the spring.

Dallas is a major center of education for much of the South Central United States. The city itself contains several universities, colleges, trade schools, and educational institutes. The University of Texas Southwestern Medical School is a prestigious medical school located in the Stemmons Corridor of Dallas. Dallas Baptist University is a private, coeducational university located in the Mountain Creek area of southwestern Dallas. The city is a home to various private and public schools. Many school districts in Dallas County, are served by a governmental agency called Dallas County Schools.

Dallas boasts affordable housing costs throughout its borders. Dallas offers a variety of housing options with a wide array of prices within its diverse selection of neighborhoods. Whether you are looking for townhouses, condos, luxury homes, or investment properties Dallas real estate market offers you all. Anyone who sets foot in the city can not help but be bowled over by its natural beauty. Proximity to restaurants and activities is just one of the many benefits of apartments living in Dallas.

Dallas restaurants provide you meal in the most exclusive setting around. Dining out in Dallas is guaranteed to be a delightful experience. The restaurants and bars in Dallas are child friendly and provide a fantastic dining experience that you will never forget. Dallas holds endless options for visitors. It's no coincidence that Dallas is the number one visitor destination in Texas. Dallas is known for its business acumen, its restaurants and its shopping.

Dallas is a cosmopolitan center, worldly in its interests, dashing and charming. Dallas is home to several significant events throughout the year. Perhaps the most notable is the annual State Fair of Texas held annually at Fair Park since 1886. Dallas is served by two commercial airports: Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport and Dallas Love Field. The city has the largest urban arts district in America. Over 100 golf courses, 33 shopping centers, and six professional teams are a part of the sprawling city.

The city of Dallas has many hospitals within its bounds and a number of medical research facilities. The city also has a VA hospital in south Dallas, the Dallas Veterans Affairs Medical Center. The city operates as a mayor-council government. The current mayor of Dallas is Laura Miller. Dallas governing body (the Commissioner's Court) consists of one member elected at large (the county judge) and four members (County Commissioners) elected from districts.

Dallas City Guide

Dallas has more restaurants per capita than New York City. Dallas maintains and operates forty-one community recreation centers, over two hundred playgrounds, numerous basketball, volleyball, and tennis courts, and many picnic areas. For sports enthusiasts, Dallas is home to many professional sports teams: NFL’s Dallas Cowboys, NBA’s Dallas Mavericks, NHL’s Dallas Stars, and the American League’s Texas Rangers. In nearby Mesquite, professional rodeos feature bronco riding and cattle roping by some of Texas’ most popular cowboys.

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