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Dallas Facts

Because of its historical significance, a certain sports team, and a certain television series, Dallas is one of the most popular cities in the United States. A trip to Dallas is definitely a great way to spend a holiday. But, here are 7 things you don't know about Dallas.

  1. During the 15 years (1821-1836) that the area was under Mexican rule, present day Dallas was located in the Mexican state of Coahuilay Tejas.

  2. The NFL's Kansas City Chiefs played their first two seasons in the American Football League as the Dallas Texans.

  3. Dallas is the largest metropolitan area in the country that lacks a navigable way to the sea.

  4. The first and largest zoo in Texas is the Dallas Zoo which opened in 1888.

  5. Due to the number of high rises, Dallas is considered the 15th tallest city in the world.

  6. The State Fair of Texas has been held at Fair Park in Dallas since 1886.

  7. Dallas City Guide
  8. Though they have the city of Dallas in their name, the Dallas Cowboys actually are located in the nearby city of Irvine.

    The city of Dallas is home to America's Team the Dallas Cowboys along with many historical sites and other attractions that continue to draw tourists year round.

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